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Poodle Print

Poodle Print

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8.5” x 11” open edition screen-print, black ink on speckle tone off white paper, hand printed and signed by the artist.

“Poodle” comes from the word “pudel”, meaning puddle in German. Poodles are excellent swimmers and were originally used as hunting dogs to retrieve waterfowl. The fancy haircut used to be more than just fashion. Hunters would thin the coat out to so all that wet fur didn’t weigh down the dog, while strategically keeping mounds of hair over the joints to keep them warm in cold water.

When picturing a poodle, you probably think of a solid color coat, but the Parti Poodle (part-colored) was the standard coloring for poodles up until the early 1900’s. The first dog book published in the united states in 1856 showed a black and white parit poodle as the breed standard.

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