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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Print

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Print

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In the 17th Century, King Charles II seemed more concerned with breeding spaniels than ruling Britain. There’s an urban legend that he instituted a law that said no King Charles spaniel could be barred from any public place, not even the House of Parliament. Around this time breeders began crossing the Pug with the King Charles Spaniel, resulting in a much shorter muzzle than we know them to have today. In the 1920’s, Roswell Eldridge wanted to revert the breed back to the way it looked in the 17th-century portraits of Charles II, and even offered prize money to the first breeder that could do it. The newly restored snout dogs had “Cavalier” added to distinguish it from the flatter face King Charles Spaniels. 

8.5” x 11” open edition screen-print, black ink on speckle tone off white paper, hand printed and signed by the artist.

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